Friday, March 20, 2009

Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein fiskalisch Stimulus

Anatole Kaletsky’s latest column raises an interesting point for those who love to liken our ‘NuLab’ government to the Nazis:

In the 1930s only one country put expansionary policies fully into practice. Hitler's Germany, guided by the explicitly Keynesian economic thinking of its Finance Minister, Hjelmar Schacht, rapidly restored full employment by building the autobahns, even before it turned to rearmament.


tim f said...

Not wishing to get overly-technical, but building the autobahns wasn't significantly evil, was it? It was more killing Jews, disabled people, Trade Unionists, gypsies etc that was the problem.

Robert said...

Hitler pulled the whole country around with him, Brown is pushing people away, hence the worry is all those nasty evil working class uneducated lads and lasses will go and vote BNP, we working class must get back into education to learn that New Labour is a party for the! hold on who is Labour the party off these days.