Sunday, March 15, 2009


Why not make your own Tory logo?

And it does seem that the Tories need a proper slogan. Just look at the alt text you get on their website when you hover the cursor over their current (peculiar) logo:


Gregg said...

"Now for Change"?

Does that mean "we're sorry we didn't used to be" or "we won't be by the time we get in"?

Tom Freeman said...

Exactly what I was wondering.

CS Clark said...

Maybe it's the nerd in me, but the subverted word order of Now for change screams of Tolkien's 'Now for wrath. Now for ruin.' I suppose to them it sounds more classy then 'Let's change!' or 'Who's up for some change then?' or 'Anyone for change?' or 'Change? Ya want some?' or 'Mmmmmm. Change. [gurgling drooling sounds]'

What I found interesting (this is also the nerd in me) about the Tory logo experience was that if that had been suggest a Tory logo in a comment thread on Labour List, it would soon have degenerated into @ wars. Maybe forced anonymity really is the perverse cure for Internet slagging.

Robert said...

Perhaps they mean change, simple word really .