Thursday, March 26, 2009


You learn something new every day. Well, I do. Well, some days.

Those little single-portion plastic milk containers (and I use the word ‘milk’ under duress) are called jiggers.

Excellent word.

I remember a girl I fancied at university once bet me I couldn’t think of 100 uses for one of those. The first two were easy (put it in your tea, put it in your coffee), but then it got harder.

Shake it to make cheese; run your fingernail back and forth over the corrugated bit on the side to create a musical instrument; use the label to teach (very little) English to children or foreigners; peel the top off and balance it on a door to (slightly) drench someone; use the pointy bit of the lid to hack your enemies to death (slowly)… I got to about 90 before ‘put it in your cocoa’ occurred to me.

She was very impressed: I was a really funny guy, such a great mate.

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michelle said...

Jiggers eh? Pretty interesting..I like that word too