Sunday, June 07, 2009

Britain’s got fascists

Bugger. Our first BNP MEP.

Shame on everyone in Yorkshire and Humberside who didn’t vote because ‘they’re all the same’.

Update: The man in question is one Andrew Brons, who in an earlier incarnation was a member of the nicely named National Socialist Movement. In the 1960s, Brons courageously opposed the bombing of British synagogues by some of his fellow NSM members:

On this subject I have a dual view, in that I realise that he is well intentioned, I feel that our public image may suffer considerable damage as a result of these activities. I am however open to correction on this point.

Update 2: Nick Griffin has weighed in:

Racism in this country is overwhelmingly directed against people who look like me.

How awful. If any of the media Jews are reading this, please stop being so beastly to Mr Griffin and his lookalikes.

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Matt M said...

It's a crappy thing alright, but the words "enough rope" and "hang themselves" do spring to mind.