Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Esther Rantzen becomes a politician

Ms Rantzen refused to say whether she had been approached by any of the main political parties to stand as their candidate.

"It's a question of whether I have been and whether I would tell you if I had," she said.

Now that’s the kind of straight talking Britain needs.

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Anonymous said...

As a constituent and Business owner of Luton South, let me say one thing, it is all agreed and accepted that the so called current MP Moran is a crook,plain and simple she stole the money from the public pot, to line her own nest. and in fact it may be she is prosecuted by the Metropolitan Police if news today is anything to go by, she still hasnt paid back the expenses, in fact she is off sick on a salary.

Esther is the ideal candidate for Luton South, and would bring with her superb qualities as a not just a investigative journalist, but qualities that allow her to speak to people, far better than any politician we have past or present in Luton, She has the ability to “Listen” which sadly few modern MP’s lack, they tended to tow the party line and claim for thier duck ponds in the past.

This has now all changed.

ESTHER will be great for Luton, She is caring compassionate, an exemplary track record in passing and lobbying for laws such as seatbelts, as well as starting "Childline" she is a champion of the people at grassroots level, the man and woman in the street.

And she is standing as an Independant, the only way to go, when Labour and Conservatives are so dogged by expenses sleaze.

The people of Luton have been given a fantastic chance of an alternative to change things for themselves, and fairplay to them, for embracing an Independant and asking her to stand as the MP.