Monday, July 06, 2009

Housing market psychology

I’m getting better at this flat-hunting lark. When I first tried to buy one, it took a good couple of months for the deal to fall apart. More recently, I’d got the period between viewing a place I liked and someone else grabbing it down to just a day or two.

Yesterday I managed to spot a great-looking deal online and then discover it had already been snapped up within the space of 20 minutes. Every time, I manage to achieve nothing more and more quickly – although the periods of waiting between each opportunity for achieving nothing are getting longer and longer.

I think that ideally the next step is to ask the estate agents and property websites to send me details of flats only once they’ve been sold. That way, I can bypass this inefficient hope-anxiety-disappointment-gloom cycle entirely and consolidate all my emotions into one easy-to-manage instantaneous sense of permanent failure.

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The Plump said...

There is an easy solution to this. Live in Hull.