Monday, October 09, 2006

Worsd I can’t type

My typing technique is to stare at the keyboard, bang away with my index and middle fingers at a decent rate, and then intermittently glance up at the screen to see what horrors I’ve inflicted on this beautiful language.

Some words, I find, are more consistently typos waiting to happen, especially when my mental state is below par.

reaserrhc reaseach reseachr resaearch


My fingers feel like sausages and every sentence I type is like a manual tongue-twister.

Hmm. There ought to be a phrase equivalent to tongue-twister for things that are hard to type. Finger-f***er would be ideal but I think its connotations may lie elsewhere. Finger-fiddler is, if anything, even worse. Finger-fooler is a bit lame. Oh, I don’t know – as I say, my brain isn’t working properly today. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

I'm lobbying the OED to include 'perhpas' and 'Britian' as legitimate alternative spellings...

Tom Freeman said...

'perhpas' sounds to me more like members of an indecisive Himalayan community...