Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Time for some more political comment and satire in limerick form.

Said Cameron, with speech sublime:
“I’m confident this is our time;
We’ve the wind at our backs (but
Don’t mention the tax cuts,
Asylum, loans, Europe or crime).

“Some say that it’s all a great bluff –
I’m insubstantial, spin and fluff;
But I’ll jet anywhere
To show how much I care
About carbon emissions, and stuff.

“And as for those hooded young thugs,
I’ll combat their violence with hugs;
I’m a tough, tender leader
(Should we hug al-Qa’eda?
Run a poll). So vote Tory, you mugs!”


Witkin said...

Splendid stuff.

Tom Freeman said...

Thanking you kindly, sir.