Friday, November 24, 2006

10 things I would never do

Having been tagged by Dave, Liam, Paul and (sort of) Matt, there was no escaping this.

1. Use the phrase ‘could of’
2. Stand for election
3. Read a second Jeffrey Archer novel (it was a moment of madness)
4. Watch motor racing
5. Trust the Conservative Party
6. Buy a first class train ticket
7. Drink Cinzano
8. Betray my principles for less than a million pounds
9. Feign familiarity with the Arctic Monkeys or other polar fauna
10. While in the process of taking over the world, leave a captured spy in a slow-moving death trap to be overseen by one useless guard while I attend to other matters

So now you know.


Anonymous said...

D'you know, I think you and me are going to get along - except I'd betray for half a million.

Tom Freeman said...


Matt M said...

The going rate for mine is £50.