Sunday, November 05, 2006

Three out of three

Unintentional accuracy abounds this weekend. First, I was walking along the road to the shops.

‘Bus drivers beware – low trees’

That’s what the sign said. And it was right: the trees went all the way down to the ground.

Then, when I got home:

‘The End Of False Religion Is Near!’

That’s what the pamphlet on my doormat said. And it was right: ’twas but a few short steps to the recycling bin.

And finally, on the radio:

‘The doors of hell will be opened’

That’s what Saddam’s lawyer predicted will follow his client’s execution. And (setting aside that I don’t believe in hell or in capital punishment) he was right: how else is the bastard’s dirty, stinking, murderous soul going to get in?


Anonymous said...

False Religion Tolerates Immoral Sex

catholicxjw said...


I made a podcast that responds to the JWs' tract entitled "The End of False Religion is Near". You can download it at:

Jeff S.