Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The stupid party is still the nasty party

Lovely Mr Cameron’s licensed attack dog and Notting Hill soulmate has been proving yet again what the Tories are really like, with a “handwriting analysis claiming that the Chancellor’s judgment is flawed”:

“George Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor, said that he had hired a handwriting expert to analyse Mr Brown’s character — and the conclusions were far from flattering. It was Mr Osborne’s revenge for a typically ferocious assault on the Conservatives’ economic policy launched by the Chancellor when the two clashed in the House of Commons last month.

“During the excitement of their clash at Treasury Questions in the Commons, Mr Brown hurled a document from the Conservative’s policy group across the dispatch box at the Shadow Chancellor. To the delight of Mr Osborne, once the hubbub had subsided he noticed that the Chancellor had jotted some brief handwritten notes on the document in his characteristic giant, markerpen scrawl. Although amounting to just 14 words, the Conservatives believed that they had enough to extract their revenge and gave the note, without identifying its author, to Sarah Mooney, principal of the London College of Graphology.

“Two months ago Mr Osborne triggered a row when he joked at a fringe meeting at the Conservative Party conference that the Chancellor was autistic.”

You can probably form your own opinion of this little toerag who fancies himself as Chancellor, and of the party leader who lets him act like this while promising “a new kind of politics”, but let me add one observation: even in his working eye, Brown’s vision is not that great. If he wants to be able to read something easily, it generally needs to be in large, bold writing.


jams o donnell said...

Hmm Osbore sems to be that glorious union of dick and head.

I say we hit back hard and get the Party soothsayers to prove absolutely that Osborne eats babies!

Anonymous said...

You can probably form your own opinion of this little toerag

I already have. He is a nasty untrustworthy little man who ought not to be anywhere near a position of power. He gives the impression that not only would he like the cane to be re-introduced, but also that he'd be first in line for a generous lashing.

There is a chap on my local bus journey who looks just like George Osborne. I don't like him either.

Can I get sued for any of this?

Tom Freeman said...

Hmm. "Osborne eats babies" might have legal ramifications of some sort.

And the chap on the bus may also be able to sue for such a monstrous insult...