Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The most important thing of all

Despite Tom Hamilton’s complaint a few days ago, the Guardian continues its run of headlines skewed towards the perspective of Westminster ups and downs. Today we have: “Blow to Blair as western aid falls for first time in 10 years”.

Yes, the important angle on that story is that it’s a blow to Blair. Never mind that it might also be a bit of a bummer for someone in Zambia who can’t afford antimalarial drugs. Good priorities, guys.


Tom said...

I love your "Despite Tom Hamilton's complaint". It makes it look as if they saw what I had to say, thought about it for a while and eventually decided to ignore it. I suspect they did none of those things.

Tom Freeman said...

No, no, no, I'm confident that they were sitting in an editorial meeting trying to think of an angle, when a junior sub came running in with a printout of your post, breathlessly exclaiming: "Look what Hamilton's been saying about us now!" And then they decided to stick it to you out of spite.

The bastards.