Friday, April 27, 2007

On not sleeping alone

Haven’t really blogged much this week. Oh well. Try this:

A recent study by Oxford researchers published in the journal Sleep (yes, really) found that while the insomnia rate in the UK is an internationally high 22%, people tend not to seek medical treatment for it. Why not?

“The most commonly endorsed reasons for not seeking treatment were the perception of insomnia as benign, trivial, or a problem that one should be able to cope with alone.” The paper argues for “programs of public health awareness designed to reduce the perception of insomnia as trivial”.

Quite right too. Insomniacs of Britain, are you tired of suffering alone? Well, it’s time to wake up!

If you’ve been dreaming of a way to close this yawning gap in your life, then you need no longer be caught napping. If we join together, we can put this problem to bed.

We will not rest until everyone’s eyes have been opened.

(Plus other tired puns…)


S said...

Ha Ha, Very humourous.

Now you can await lots of comments from insomniacs with a sense of humour void. You shall probably receive most in the middle of the night as there furiousness keeps them awake

Matt M said...

insomniacs with a sense of humour void

You try maintaining the funny on four hours sleep. It ain't easy.

[Desperately tries to think of a pun before giving up and going off for a coffee, grumbling to himself all the way]