Friday, April 20, 2007

Normblog profile

Norm Geras has posted a profile of me, if you’re interested.

(Incidentally, it was Norm who gave me my first break in the world of online ranting, so thanks twice.)


Anonymous said...

A fellow Eddie Izzard fan - I might have guessed! (and Bill Murray)

Anonymous said...

What character in Chicago dances in a nappy? Or did they create a new character just for your, uh, talents?

BwcaBrownie said...

G'day Mate - just popped over from Norm's Blog to say ya never gonna see Kev Spacey playing a guy who wants to experience being a BAT.

cheers, Brownie (Normblog profile 115 or 116 I forget)

Tom Freeman said...

There's a number in Chicago called 'Me and My Baby'. Just after Roxie announces she's pregnant, six burly guys dressed as babies (or six variously skinny and flabby guys, if you're on a budget) run on and it gets going.

There was a certain quiet dignity to it. Kind of.