Monday, April 21, 2008

Two short observations

The first is that, given its slow pace and general weirdness, Lost suffers hardly at all if you watch a whole series over one weekend when your brain is half-fried by a really nasty cold.

The second is that the housing market – generally, not just at the moment – is not a market at all but a series of bear traps. You actually have to pay for information about the thing you supposedly want to buy! In fact, it’s maybe more like a poker game than a series of bear traps, except with no order of play and an unknown number of hidden cards. And bear traps.

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Anonymous said...

I've made a pact with myself not to watch Lost until they reveal things/I know where it is going (I did like the show at first, we used to have 'Lost Night' to facilitate flat bonding).

I've found Damages and John Adams, the miniseries, to be good. Beware, an annoying/loud ad may play at the bottom of the Damages link (I've tried to test it, the annoying factor seems random as far as ads go) and with John Adams, no ads, just some odd, Dutch camera shots.