Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What rhymes with ‘cuttlefish’?

I’m seriously impressed with the inventiveness involved in writing this:

Two Haikus

I once wrote a pair
Of Haikus, related, but
Willing to fuse--please

Don't ask me how one
Limerick now replaces
The Haikus in twos


A Limerick

I once wrote a pair of Haikus
Related, but willing to fuse
Please don't ask me how
One limerick now
Replaces the Haikus in twos

And the wit required to write this:

I don't usually have quarrels
Over where we get our morals
Ah, but every now and then somebody steps beyond the pale.
Once they know that I'm ungodly
They start looking at me oddly
And If I could walk on water, It would be to no avail.

[Plus a few more verses…]

I’m inspired to poetry myself. Alas, all I can come up with this evening – staying on the irreligious theme – is this:

There was a man nailed to a cross
For claiming his dad was the boss
There followed him churches
Whose prejudice lurches
From brimstone to twee candyfloss

You want better? Fine. Check out the Digital Cuttlefish (hat tip).

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Larry Hamelin said...

Your effort is creditable!