Wednesday, June 11, 2008

42 days? Sign me up!

Not that I have a vote in Parliament, but the Government has now successfully bought me off over 42-day detention:

Ministers are expected to offer a last-minute compensation deal to help push through plans to extend detention of terror suspects to 42 days. It involves compensation of £3,000 a day for those held for more than 28 days and eventually released without charge

So that works out as a tidy £42,000 if you go the whole 42 days. Nice. I should probably mention at this point that, for all anyone knows, I could potentially be connected with a number of terrorist cells and may well have vital information that requires my arrest and detention.

I reckon I can hold out for 42 days, protesting my innocence not quite convincingly enough to be released, and then rake it in. They’ll even provide bed and board! And then I get to go on Question Time and write columns in the Guardian about my ‘ordeal’!

The only problem would be if they charge me with wasting police time at the end and I get nothing.

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