Sunday, June 15, 2008

McCain vs Obama vs Death

Time and age wither us all. And assassin’s bullets take a few of us. John McCain will be 72 in August, and Barack Obama must be painfully aware that some armed lunatics will take exception to the crime of Governing While Black.

Whoever the next Vice-President is, there must be a far higher risk than usual that he or she will end up in the top job.

A morbid thought, but there you go.

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Chris said...

Yes, well, if McCain wins not only will he get access to some excellent medical services but more importantly he'll have a purpose, something to do, and I've heard that's important in avoiding those sensior moments. In that sense, as with others, the presidency is like salsa classes.

And if Obama wins not only will he become the best-protected black man in the history of the world but, if I understand his supporters aright, assassination would only put him out of action for three days.