Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Democrats Refuse To Concede Self-Defeat Just Yet

WASHINGTON, DC: Despite Barack Obama now having a confirmed majority of party delegates, the Democrats still refuse to accept that they have ruined their own electoral chances once again.

The Clinton campaign issued a statement saying: “While it’s true that Senator Obama is now indisputably the nominee, we do have to bear in mind that Hillary performed very well last night in South Dakota. Sure, it’s a tiny state that will vote Republican anyway, but – look! Over there! A butterfly!”

Senior DNC figures are meeting today to consider strategy, with most expected to favor stringing the whole damn business out a few more weeks and making themselves look like squabbling kids. There is, though, a significant minority view that the priority must be for Clinton to concede that all she can do now is give John McCain a bit more ammunition for attacking Obama in the campaign proper.

Other options being considered to boost the party’s chances of defeat include Obama having Michael-Jackson-style skin-lightening treatment and running with a blacked-up John Kerry in the Vice-Presidential slot, as well as circulating a rumor that before he joined the controversial pastor Jeremiah Wright’s church, Obama was a member of the Taliban.


Chris said...

According to a recent AP poll, 25% of Obama supporters would rather vote for McCain over Obama in the general than see Hillary Clinton get away with ruining Obama's chances to be elected.

Anonymous said...

I imagine it will be a close race, regardless of polls.

"Obama having Michael-Jackson-style skin-lightening treatment"

Right, that has caused some sensitive outrage over the artistic route, that found magazines taking 'liberty' with Obama's image..along with poor accusations that Clinton's campaign attempted to tint him "more black"

Also, the "tiny state that will vote Republican anyway" nonsense can be used both ways, of course when you hear supporters for Obama, his win in Republican states means that he's opened a door there while Clinton's win in Democratic or Republican states means shit. So much for butterflies --one of whom assaulted me on a trip to a butterfly house, who knew butterflies were like...oh it's not worth insulting a demographic. (Will anyone in politics ever pick that up?) On top of that, I'd say some of Clinton's success can be attributed to a state's residents feeling like they count 'more'; if that increases voter turnout, I generally think it's great.

I'll confess, the church thing ticks me off a bit. No doubt it upsets others as well, as Obama was hailed as the man who could bring intellectual debate back to religion or vice versa? I'm also not sold on the "post-Baby Boomer" candidate people find in Obama, I think we're at the cusp of a new divide. Shame, really.

Luckily, I do believe we've had three good candidates so far. (Although, I find both Obama and Clinton selfish.) Then again, I'm an optimist- although, I do hold some caution for the quite personal hopes some people have found in Obama.

Tom Freeman said...

Actually, yes, I think there are things to admire in all three - each is a credible president, I think, unlike certain incumbents I could mention.

I had no idea there'd been any actual colouring shenananigans going on with campaign pictures - thought I was just taking the piss. Bloody hell.

But yeah, the idea of a candidate who can 'heal' and 'unite' America is just so much horseshit. There are too many political as well as social divisions for people to actually want to be healed and united. A lot of people, especially those with influence, really like being partisan - in religious and ethnic senses as well as politically.

Sure, people 'come together' when there's a vast national crisis, but they do that regardless of the calibre of the prez.

I think Obama could do some good if he has a supportive congress, although there won't be any miracles. And if the primaries hadn't got so nasty, I think Clinton could have been a decent running-mate. Maybe she could do State/Pentagon/NSA? Or maybe she'd rather build a Senate power base for the mo. I'm sure her career's not done yet.