Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Britain’s broken record

Another thing from David Cameron’s interview on Today this morning. He said, when questioned about what Evan Davis called his “broken Britain” theme:

We don’t talk about broken Britain, we talk about a broken society.

You could reasonably call this hair-splitting; you could also reasonably call it a lie:

“I applaud The Sun's Broken Britain campaign. You are absolutely on to the right thing.” – David Cameron, January 2008

“this is the long-term way to allow people, families and communities to take control of their lives, create the responsible society and fix broken Britain” – David Cameron, October 2008

“crime, educational failure, welfare dependency and family breakdown all on the rise in Labour's Broken Britain” – David Cameron, January 2009

He does have a persistently poor memory when challenged about his 'broken' sloganising.

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