Monday, October 26, 2009

Peter Ryley on management

I am currently in a mood to cheer this to the rafters. So are most of my department.

One of my more frequent big speeches is about the dire quality of some management and its remoteness from, and ignorance of, the real work that we all have to do.

Most of the people who work on the front line are not obstacles, they are experts. Their knowledge is far more valuable than the snake oil of management theory.

I’m not going to add to that, because if I start, I’ll never stop.


Anonymous said...

I suspect bad management is at the root of the postal workers strike. People just get so pissed off with it that, every few years, the only thing to do is walk out for a bit - the therapy strike

anticant said...

Would "the snake oil of management theory" include Common Purpose, by any chance?