Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Crowdsourcing posters

Labour is inviting The People Who Live On The Internet to design its next poster campaign. This is very ‘now’, and also reflects the fact that the party has bugger all money for throwing at ad agencies.

Encouraged by the fact that my spoof Saatchi poster got me more hits on Sunday than I’ve ever had before in an entire week (not bad for a 23-hour day; and thanks to MyDavidCameron, John Prescott and others for the tweets and links), I’m going to have a stab at doing something.

Details of the ad brief are here.

Update: the deadline has passed and the above link is now dead. The winning poster will be unveiled at the weekend, but you can see a selection of some of the better ones here - not including mine, although I’m sure that must be some sort of administrative error.

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