Friday, March 12, 2010

Slogans that don’t work for you

The new Lib Dem slogan is, I think, even worse than Labour’s ‘A future fair for all’ and the Tory ‘Vote for change’. It is:

Change that works for you

Is that ‘works for you’ as in ‘sure, we can meet half an hour later, whatever works for you’ or as in ‘a dedicated local councillor who works for you’?

The former is too formal for a political party to get away with, and the latter is a category mistake: the change itself is the work that will be done, rather than the doer of the work. Unless we’re talking about some sort of high-interest bank account for people with very little money, so your 47p in change will work really hard for you.

Please let it all be over soon.


tim f said...

A continuation of their "we're like the Tories, but a bit better in some indescribable way" strategy. However even if the strategy worked I am far from convinced voters will get that it is change that works as opposed to change that would leave you worse off under the Tories.

Tom Freeman said...

I think they should all go with 'Being good (and, by implication, better than anyone else) at governing'.

They could still use differently coloured fonts, so we know who's who.

Matt M said...

The full slogan seems to be: "Change that works for you, building a fairer Britain." It's like they couldn't afford their own and so simply pasted the Labour and Tories ones together.

Tom Freeman said...

That's definitely not a very Lib Dem thing to do.

Actually, scratch my earlier suggestion. If they use 'Change that works for yoooou, and you and you and you-hoo-hoo' then I will have 'Vote Clegg' tattooed on my forehead.

But he has to sing it dressed as Jimmy though.