Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cuts and cats

Chris writes on the way politicians will frame a debate so that they turn their own political views into background assumptions. It made me wonder how widely the technique could be used...

Mr Speaker, I didn’t come into politics to drown these kittens. And I do it with a heavy heart. But this is the unavoidable felicide. While the party opposite protests, they forget to mention that the kittens were conceived and born as a result of their mismanagement of the neighbourhood tom, and they have singularly failed to explain how they would kill the kittens instead. Drowning them is tough, but fair. We will all share in the sadness at their deaths. We’re all in this together. Although not in the actual sack, of course.

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jams o donnell said...

Good one! It won't be long before Clegg is supporting a Slaughter of the First Born act