Thursday, November 06, 2008

Four and Twenty

A popular idea among inspiration-starved TV executives is to take an existing programme and set it in an earlier era (‘Edwardian Super Size Me’, ‘Dancing on Renaissance Ice’, ‘Restoration Restoration’ and the like).

So here’s my pitch for a new real-time action drama series, ‘Four and Twenty’, to be set in the Generic Period of English history (don’t want to demand too much knowledge of the viewers):

Knaves and vile Scotsmen plot to kill the King!

Kiefer, Earl of Sutherland, Head of the Household Counter-Catholic Unit, has but four and twenty hours in which to unmask the curs and thwart their monstrous treason. And yet his virginal daughter, the Lady Kimberley, is at risk of falling into the impious clutches of myriad nefarious brutes and varlets – her honour must be defended.

Will his lordship prevail? None can know – and yet one may dare to wager that this could indeed be the longest day of his life…

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Anonymous said...

Personally, I liked Black Adder a lot. pretty well all his (re)incarnations were good :-)