Thursday, November 20, 2008

What did Lamont and Cameron get up to?

I was struck by a throwaway comment from David Cameron’s speech:

Neither do I think, as some do, that this recession means we should revoke the independence of the Bank of England in setting interest rates. I have seen at first hand the damage that political interference can bring.

Cameron was a political adviser to Norman Lamont in 1992–93, so he’d certainly have been able to see what went on inside the Treasury at first hand.

Of course, it wasn’t the sort of role where he’d have been seriously involved in making economic policy. But it was definitely a job where – if there was political interference to be done – he could play a part in it.

At the very least, this quote (coupled with his failure to resign in disgust at the time) implies that he was complicit in such shenanigans. Details, please!

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