Wednesday, November 05, 2008

You betcha!

Ahhh... joy. Now we don’t have to pray daily for McCain’s good health.

I think it’s wonderful that despite all the sly smears, despite the grim cloud of prejudice, the voters of the USA have made history by electing their first Muslim president.

But seriously: the fact Obama’s been ahead in the polls for ages shouldn’t make us forget that this is extraordinary. And those two speeches last night were two of the best I’ve heard in a long time. Credit to McCain for his gracious, honourable concession. And Obama had me a bit moist-eyed at points. Probably the beer and tiredness helped there too.

Ahhh… everything will be perfect now.

But let’s bear in mind something Paul McCartney said recently: “Barack Obama will be the greatest next president of America”. I’d guess he meant that Obama would be the next president and would be the greatest, but taken literally it’s absolutely true. Obama, as a living metaphor for the future, is a quite brilliant receptacle for the nation’s hopes and dreams. How he’ll actually do in office is another matter.

I’m betting he’ll be an improvement on that guy they’ve got at the moment, though.

Stuff the West Wing – this rocks.

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