Monday, September 07, 2009

Bum tape

I love this map of the London Underground on which all the station and line names have been turned into anagrams (via Roger Darlington):

You’ll find the map very handy should you wish to do some shopping (or clubbing) around Crux For Disco, or catch a movie premiere at Queerer Elastics. A common attraction is the observatory at Wing Cheer, and you could also check whether Blood Rending really is falling down. If you fancy travelling a bit farther out, there’s the tennis at Bowel Mind or you can find out whether there really is a Raging Hell school! Sticking with fiction, why not see where Apt Nodding arrived from darkest Peru? Then there is, of course, the source of all British legislation, Written Mess. Finally, all you Humphrey Lyttelton fans will find this map essential when you’re trying to navigate to Concerning Torments.

(NB Fabric Larks is closed for rebuilding until late 2011. And there’s no interchange at Knab and Mount Men stations, except between the Allowing Dastardly Hick and the Rent Horn line.)


jams o donnell said...

Great stuff. Pity they could not do better with my home town Hornchurh

Tom Freeman said...

Yes, Church Horn is a bit disappointing - although the letters aren't exactly friendly.

That said, Prince Charles's Duchy Originals line has a plant where its dairy products are mixed together. It's known as the HRH Churn Co...