Monday, September 28, 2009

Freeman denies everything

Following recent speculation, I would like to take this opportunity to dismiss the malicious and unfounded rumours that I’m relying on painkillers to get me through the day. Apart from Saturday, when I really had a dog of a hangover. And there’s also no truth to the insinuation that I might quit blogging because of my failing eyesight. It’s true that I squint a bit to see bus numbers and sit towards the front of the cinema when there are subtitles, but I can assure you that I can see a computer screen perfectly well.

As for the other ridiculous allegations that are doing the rounds, I’d like to make clear that (a) those charges were dropped, (b) she told me she was 16, and (c) that money was just resting in my account. Now please, can we focus on the real issues?


Liam Murray said...

I thought Marr overstepped the mark with that question.

Had Brown collapsed in public or been evidenty ill then I see the public trust issue. Just using anti-depressants or pain killers is entirely private & his business alone.

Tom Freeman said...

Yeah, I don't buy the 'it had become a matter of public discussion and therefore a valid question' line. By that logic, a few partisan bloggers could make something up entirely and then bang on about it until it filtered into the MSM. Which for all I know is what happened here.

The idea that there's no smoke without fire gets a bit stretched when there are arsonists around.