Friday, September 04, 2009

Perspective quiz

Complete the opening sentence to this article in today’s Independent:

  • The British Government's strategy in Afghanistan was thrown into crisis last night after…
  1. …the White House demanded that UK troops take the lead in Farah, Nimruz and Kandahar provinces as well as Helmand.
  2. …a major assault on the MoD Camp Bastion base revealed the Taliban to have far greater military capability than previously thought.
  3. …the Defence Secretary's right-hand man resigned in protest about the handling of the war.

I’m sure Eric Joyce has some fair points to make, but really.


Liam Murray said...

The meeja huh?!

I've debated this point at Hopi's a few times - in opposition parties love an over-the-top media; everything's a crisis, every rumour is important and unsourced gossip is important & consequential. They never criticise it because in general it works in their favour.

In office it's a different story - it's all about policy & substance and condescending dismissals of the very thing they all exploit to get there in the first place.

Discerning politics-watchers (which I hope we both qualify as) pay little attention regardless of the target. I trust you'll hold good to this when the Cameron government comes of the rails at some unspecified point in the next decade?

Tom Freeman said...

Calm yourself, my good fellow! The above is a wry Friday afternoon chuckle rather than a serious political intervention...

But do I promise not to gleefully shriek "Crisis for Cameron" in the event that some PPS causes him minor embarrassment in the future.