Friday, February 19, 2010

Economical letters to the editor


We are not economists by profession, but we didn’t see the credit crunch coming and so that surely puts us in the same boat as most people who are.

Following the letter from 20 economists to the Sunday Times and the letters from 58 economists and another nine economists to the Financial Times, we felt compelled to write.

These three letters variously advocate reducing the deficit at a rate of mumble mumble mumble, by means of cutting spending on mumble mumble mumble and raising taxes on mumble mumble mumble. We fear that each of these positions is dangerously misguided and negligently vague.

We wish to put on record that if we are to bring the deficit down in a way that maintains market confidence in the public finances while safeguarding the recovery, and neither raising taxes too punitively nor harming essential public services, the government must take steps to mumble mumble mumble. Encouragingly, all three main parties seem to be moving towards this view.

It is sometimes said that economics is not an exact science, but we are so confident of our recommendations that we are even using a first-class stamp to post this letter.

Yours faithfully,

Tom Freeman
And all my mates


Irene said...

Add my name to the list.

John L Bell said...

These are not real economists! They are MPs' in diguise! They voice patterns match a number of MPs listed on my blog site!
'Expenses scams? What expenses scams?..... mumble....mumble... Fees Office- their fault! ...mumble...mumble... all above board! ... mumble ..mumble.... Duck Houses....mumble ....mumble.... served (crossed out 'conned') for thirty years ....mumble ...mumble..
We live on subsistence wages...mumble! ...mumble!... Which way is the House of Lords? ... mumble.. how do I get these handcuffs off? ....mumble ...mumble!...
Fraud Act 2006?....what Fraud act 2006?....mumble!