Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Labour, new slogan

Prime Minister Gordon Brown will unveil the slogan of Labour's general election campaign in a speech at the weekend.

Announcing the fact that you’re going to be announcing your new slogan is dumb. It draws attention to the fact that you’re engaging in PR without giving you any of the benefit of that PR actually happening yet. Although it’s debatable how much use slogans really are – especially if they come attached to posters.

I’ve been poking deeply idle fun at the Tories lately, so maybe I should give my own side a few prods.

What, given Labour’s unhappy position in the polls, will this mystery slogan be?

  • Better the devil you know. Oh, and we’re introducing a new brimstone tax

  • We definitely won’t dash your high expectations

  • Nobody likes us, we don’t care

  • Going through the motions

  • Won’t the look on Cameron’s face be priceless if he loses?

  • I hadn’t abolished boom and bust, but I promise I will scrap Horne and Corden

  • Governing over the next few years will be horrible – vent your anger by making me do it

  • If you vote me out, I’ll write my memoirs. And then I’ll come round each of your houses and read you lengthy extracts


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