Saturday, August 16, 2008

Clothes maketh the photo-op

Michael Gove trails a forthcoming announcement of the new Tory policy on what not to wear:

It is better to have a leader who is good at PR to one who wears the wrong clothes when he goes to East Anglia.

He adds:

We need to maintain a sense of policy seriousness.

Of course.

Reminds me of my very favourite George Osborne quote:

Just creating the positive image of David Cameron as a relaxed family chap who enjoys cycling has taken months of effort. You'd be amazed how much time has to be spent on creating simple images for the media and then the voting public.


anticant said...

Yes - Michael Foot's donkey jacket got him laughed out of the Labour leadership.

Tom Freeman said...

I think the donkey jacket played a pretty small role in his doomed leadership... Likewise the Hague baseball cap.

Oh, and Gove himself is no stranger to the fashion disaster!