Monday, August 25, 2008

No we can’t

As the US convention season begins, with the polls putting Obama narrowly ahead, I’m reminded that the Democrats are perhaps the most powerful election-losing force in the modern world.

Allow me to introduce Clintons4McCain. This group identifies itself as “Volunteers...Who worked for Sen. Hillary Clinton's cause and who donated, gave tirelessly of our time, effort and energy, and watched her bullied out of the campaign by sexism, misogyny, reverse racism and mockery.”

Their ‘Mission Statement’ says:
We ask democrats to ponder: should the ISSUES or policies that have come to define the Democratic Party to democrats, be the reasoning you accept the party’s selected candidate? Even if it means sacrificing such values of respect, honor, loyalty and democracy itself?
Followers are told to vote for a democrat to protect the Supreme Court, abortion, environment and human rights issues, but what if it is fear mongering designed to keep democrats in line?
What if issues usurp democracy as a means of achieving a goal of power over the concerned governed? Should it be rewarded with your vote by going with the party and in this case their selected not elected candidate?

And they are not at all discouraged by the fact that Clinton herself has endorsed Obama; indeed, that energises them. Under the heading ‘What Hillary Really Wants’:

It's amusing to see Senator Hillary Clinton now parroting Obamaphiles, saying people who voted for her should be voting for Obama…
…Senator, remember who we are fighting for. Obama doesn't represent that. Just because Obama -- who appears to have no core values of his own -- basically stole your platform, your ideas, your staffers and the nomination itself, does not mean we have anything at all in common with him.

We simply do not trust Obama, Senator. Please stop selling us -- and yourself, short. They have told us to "get over it" and to "fall in line," called us "angry old white women" and there is simply no way any of that's going to happen. We WILL be voting for McCain come November, if you are not at the TOP of the Democrat ticket for President. …
We will vote for Senator McCain and help defeat what we believe is evil in our midst and send a message loud and clear that we will be heard and we will not tolerate bigotry, separatism and everything else Obama clearly stands for.

I’m not sure if block capitals are a good way to persuade readers that you’re NOT ANGRY, but there you go. They also add that “sour grapes make great wine”, although surely wine is the kind of elitist drink that a truly American candidate would want nothing to do with?

Not for the first time, I wonder at the religiosity of American politics. These people seem to view Clinton as a prophet turned apostate, and so the Devil that has tricked her into selling her soul must be driven out by any means necessary.


Chris said...

Shouldn't it be sour grapes make great whine?

Anyhoo, I think this is less about the weirdness in American politics and more about the fact that the internet has freed journalists to write any story they want, because no matter the cause or kooky statement, they can find examples to suit their story in the blogs.

Anonymous said...

I don't doubt that there are lots of people who'll jump on this wagon, but I find it hard believing the site hasn't been set up by Republicans.

Re: Democrats being the most effective election-losing force in th e modern world, I agree completely. Whenever anyone talks about modelling our structures and practices on the Democrats as part of "modernisation", I want to tell them we should model them on the Republicans instead.

Matt M said...

Well, Obama is apparently the Anti-Christ...

TheWarmth said...

What goes around comes around- the buddha (and Justin Timberlake)