Monday, August 04, 2008

Couple of good things

Don Paskini explodes three myths about the Tories, for the benefit of Guardian readers (and writers):

  1. 'Cameron has shifted the Conservatives on to the centre ground'
  2. 'The Tories have promised plenty of action on poverty and inequality'
  3. 'It's impossible to know how far the Tory agenda would be delivered in office, or how successful it would be'

[Update: Liam sternly takes issue with Don - worth a read too.]

Paulie speaks up - ’cos no other bugger’s doing it – for representative democracy and party politics:

in a country in which public debate has told us that....
  • there's no real difference between the parties
  • they're all in it for themselves
  • they're all greedy / dodgy
  • voting is a waste of time
  • we're more interested in Big Brother, innit?
... and so on, the fact that *anyone* voted at all is something of a miracle.

The fact that 61% turned out [in 2005] shows what is possible if politicians in general were to put up a bit of a fight on behalf of representative government.

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Liam Murray said...

Started a rebuttal to Don's piece that turned into a post of its own....