Wednesday, September 17, 2008

For a wild guess at what the state pension is worth, please press 1

Blogging’s a bit light here at the mo, as I’m ill and busy. These things often seem to go together, I find.

But here’s a nice little item.

Remember when Gordon Brown was getting stick for ‘cold-calling’ voters (actually people who had written to him and given their numbers)? Well, the Lib Dems have decided to get in on the act:

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg is to "telephone" 250,000 homes in 50 targeted constituencies to ask for opinions on his party's policies. An automated voice message will be played out during the early evening, with recipients tapping numbers on their handsets to respond to questions.

But don’t worry, folks – this is the party of liberty, so they’re not going to force you to answer:

The Lib Dems said people would be free to end the call if they wanted to.


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