Monday, September 08, 2008

Vote for me as Blogger Laureate!

Michael Gove makes an interesting suggestion. He notes that there’s speculation about who will succeed Andrew Motion as Poet Laureate, and wonders whether we should “confer the Laureateship not on a different individual, but on a different calling”.

I love poetry, but the days when it was the primary mode of public discourse are long gone. …
So if a public intellectual is to be honoured for writing on the events of the day wouldn't it be better instead to appoint a Philosopher Royal?

Not bad… but still too 20th-century. Britain needs a Blogger Laureate. More specifically, Britain needs me.

Unless, of course, they go even farther in reform and appoint a Txtr Lrt instead.

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Chris said...

Poetry hasn't been the primary mode of discourse for centuries, (otherwise Shelley would have dropped the un-), so I don't see why such a change would be needed now. And I feel sure that philosophy doesn't really work in the short form, which is why AC Grayling the Wind-Up Merchant writing for Cif or appearing on Newsnight is much less compelling that AC Grayling the Philosopher writing books and lecturing.