Thursday, September 04, 2008

Say what you mean


Charles Clarke has said Gordon Brown has a matter of months to improve the standing of the Labour Party or quit as prime minister.

Asked on Today what Mr Brown had to do, he said "establish his authority and set a very clear leadership direction". And he said the government's performance must improve "significantly" or Mr Brown should "stand down as prime minister with honour and have a proper leadership election and address the proper issues".
Asked how long he gave Mr Brown, the former home secretary said: "I think it's a question of months really."

I would respect Clarke ever so slightly more if he’d been honest and said:

I don’t think Gordon Brown can improve the government’s performance and poll ratings, and frankly I don’t really want him to. So I’m trying to further undermine his authority in order to guarantee that he can’t recover, so that more people in the party will come to agree with me that he has to be forced out.

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