Friday, July 06, 2007

Boris Johnson: two comparisons

Boris for mayor of London? Even disregarding his Toryness, I don’t think so.

(1) I cannot conceive that the Tories would ever dream of putting up as mayoral candidate a serial adulterer whose nickname rhymes with ‘ozza’.

(2) Boris is very much like the Queen: a much-loved national institution, but you wouldn’t want him to have any real power. (The analogy breaks down, though, as he doesn’t need a spouse to supply right-wing views and tactless comments.)


anticant said...

Don't underestimate Boris. He's funny, and deliberately plays to the gallery, but he's also highly intelligent and deeply serious. He could be just the person London needs to rid it of the dreary, smug, humbugging Livingstone and restore competent administration spiced with a dash of panache.

If he stands he will get the first Tory vote I've cast in 50 years - since Suez, in fact.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Boris would be a great Mayor!

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Tom Freeman said...

I don't doubt his intelligence and I know the buffoon thing is partly an act... and Livingstone is one of the Labour politicians I like the very least. Still, not for me.

Actually, from a Cameron point of view, I suspect it wouldn't be a good idea. Just when he needs to make the party look serious and substantial and heavyweight, I don't think handing loads of publicity to a man with Boris's image would be a smart play.