Saturday, July 07, 2007

The link between terrorism and imperialist foreign policy

The Telegraph really excels itself with a leader column titled ‘We must make Muslims loyal subjects again’:

Ultimately, though, the best way to overcome the nihilist ideology of the bombers is to posit something better in its place. Hundreds of millions of Muslims were loyal British subjects through the centuries because they believed in what this country stood for.

Yes! Bring back the Empire! Forcible colonial rule’s the only thing these pesky blighters respect.

Mohammedans: know your place!


Philip. said...

There's no simple answers. These people just want to kill us. They have no reasons other than they want to murder everyone who is not a muslim.

anticant said...

What twaddle! One reason why the British ruled India with such small military forces was that the majority [non-Muslim] population were thankful that the British had freed them from their previous Muslim overlords.

Remember, Islam means 'submission' - not just of Muslims to Allah, but of non-Muslims to Muslims.

When will our daft government and 'multiculturalists' wake up to this? Time is running out.

Tom Freeman said...

"When will our daft government and 'multiculturalists' wake up to this?"

More to the point, when will more Muslims wake up to the urgency of this:

"the uncomfortable truth is that those who perpetrate and support such extremism do so in the name of Islam. It is no longer enough for British Muslims to pretend it is someone else's problem or to retreat into the usual ritual of bashing the media. Denial is no longer an option and British Muslims need to accept that the cancer of extremism affects their entire community. They also must utterly and without equivication denounce the use of violence."

anticant said...

Thanks for pointing me to this intensely interesting - and encouraging -thread. It's good to see some thoughtful comments from Muslims for a change, instead of the usual knee-jerk reactions.

However, the crucial questions remain: are the teachings of Islam compatible with Western-style pluralist democracy? If not, how can Muslims and non-Muslims co-exist peaceably?

It isn't about the 'correct' interpretation of religious texts. It's about choosing not to use violence to promote one's beliefs. Simple, really!

Tom Freeman said...

"It isn't about the 'correct' interpretation of religious texts. It's about choosing not to use violence to promote one's beliefs. Simple, really!"

Bingo. There are some unambiguously brutal passages in the Quran (and the Bible). What describes itself as moderate, modern 'reinterpretation' is more usually a quiet, embarassed sweeping under the carpet of these noxious passages.

(Which does interesting things to the concept of scriptural authority, but as a species we're capable of very acrobatic doublethink.)

anticant said...

Those who submit their independent judgement to the authority of 'sacred' texts are ducking their individual responsibility. The evil of 'supernatural' belief is that it allows you to excuse your actions, good and bad - mostly the latter - by pleading that God, or Allah, or some other sky spaghetti monster, "made" you do them. ["It wasn't ME, Guv.]

Bingo indeed.