Friday, July 20, 2007

A moment of clarity

Guess who said, just 11 days ago:

I think it is a really important moment for Ealing Southall, but also an important moment in British Politics. This is the clearest possible indication that the Conservative Party, having been changed and modernised, is now a voice for everybody.

The clearest possible indication? (He was talking about the five councillors who defected for absolutely no reason other than their sincere desire to build a better Britain.)

Now, I’m not a clearologist, but I think it might have been ever so slightly clearer that the Tories had become a voice for everyone if they had actually won the election. Or maybe come a close second. Or come second at all. Or even come a reasonably close third. But what would I know?

Definitely an important moment for Ealing Southall, though, and very possibly one for British politics too. We’ll see.

(Today Cameron said: “Our vote held up.” Which I think was what William Hague said on 8 June 2001. And Michael Howard on 6 May 2005.)

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anticant said...

"Our vote held up". Like their trousers?