Saturday, July 26, 2008

Andrew R does McGonagall

To put Labour’s Glaswegian travails into verse
Is a blogging development that is most assuredly none for the worse.

Except, of course, that Andrew’s Ballad of Glasgow East is so very much better:

'Twas in the early hours of July 25 2008
That Scottish Labour met its grisly fate
For that was the night that the SNP were elected in Glasgow East
A momentous and politically damaging event to say the least

Perfectly crafted. I bet it’d even make Brown laugh out loud. Go read the whole thing.

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Andrew R said...

That's very kind, Tom, but of course the great thing about McGonagall is that it's all but impossible to do badly: you simply have to avoid inadvertently getting lines to scan, or mistakenly choosing an evocative or apposite phrase, or coining harmonious or pleasing rhymes.

As such, it's a style uniquely suited to my poetic sensibilities