Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lancashire not-plot

I mean, really:

A "Lancashire plot" against the Prime Minister appeared to be gathering pace as two backbenchers from the North-west of England urged him to step down and a third questioned his survival chances.

This “plot” consists of: (a) Graham Stringer – yes, the Graham Stringer – saying last Friday that Brown should go, something he’d previously said back in May; (b) George Howarth – yes, the George Howarth – saying over the weekend that Labour needs to think “long and hard” about the leadership, while denying media reports he was collecting names in support of Jack Straw; and (c) Gordon Prentice – yes, the Gordon Prentice – saying Brown should resign.

And the Independent – yes, the Independent – reckons this amounts to a hill of beans. Welcome to summer.

If you want a little more intelligence, you could check out Hopi arguing that Team Brown have been performing badly but that semi-public plotting (Lancastrian or otherwise) is only likely to make things worse, or Don Paskini’s ten terrible pieces of advice for Labour, or Septicisle suggesting that the worst piece of advice of all might be for Brown to keep buggering on.

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