Friday, July 11, 2008


I’m bored out of my tiny mind. So I’m writing topical limericks:

A Tory MP sought to raise
The issue of 42 days.
So he stood for his seat,
But with no one to beat
His win disappeared in the haze.

OK, so far I’m only writing a limerick. Maybe more as the day drags on and I get some other ideas.

Update: OK, another:

A blogger had some time to kill
And space that he thought he should fill
But ’twas a slow news day
So nothing came his way
And where there’s no way, there’s no will


(Tom, Tom, Andrew and Chris – no Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub as yet – are doing rather better in the comments box below.)


Tom said...

"No more steps down this slippery slope,"
Said Dave Davis, our beacon of hope.
"Mad Cow Girl, on your bike!"
"Take a hike, David Icke!"
"Cry freedom! And bring back the rope!"

Tom said...

Once he fought for the Citizen's Charter;
Now he's battling to save Magna Carter.
Youths in hoodies may flee
From CCTV,
But not Davis: He's liberty's martyr.

Andrew R said...

I'd hoped voters all would be smitten
And mark "X" beside "Miss Great Britain"
Blonde or Brunette?
It matters not, pet
Tits out? No, they've voted the tit in.

Chris said...

There once was an MP called Davis,
Who resigned in order to save us.
He lost his old job,
He didn't sway the mob,
But he got the publicity he crave-s.