Sunday, July 06, 2008

Official: having too much Dr Who in your brain can kill you

Right, I’ve seen it now. And the fate of Donna is perhaps a lesson to us all.


Part of me agrees with David:

My overall impression was of RTD shovelling Doctor Who characters and plot fragments into a bin liner and shaking it violently in the hope that something vaguely coherent might fall out afterwards.

But I also share a lot of Lisa’s take on it - she’s divided her review into ‘rational’ (i.e. critical) and ‘irrational’ (i.e. “I was thrilled and excited and giggling and I just did not care”) reactions.

So yes, despite the fact that Davies insisted on being allowed to play with all the toys at once as his price for getting the hell out, it was a treat in any number of ways.

Doctor Who is pretty much the only thing I have religion about. My love of it is unconditional and my awareness of its flaws involves effortless doublethink. What else is there to say? Oh yes:

Exterminieren! Exterminieren! Halt! Sonst werden wir Sie exterminieren! Sie sind jetzt ein Gefangener der Daleks! Exterminieren! Exterminieren!


Anonymous said...

The affection for the Tennant-era Doctor Who is puzzling. It seems to me a lot of people like the idea of what the series could be - potentially, in their heads - rather than what it actually is. Which is, most of the time, badly-written panto.

Chris said...

Doctor Who is pretty much the only thing I have religion about.

You may be interested in my upcoming book/understatement of the century, Doctor Who Is Not Great.

I've been enjoying Lawrence Miles' rants partly because of the weirdness of him deleting them after a week in defiance of the Internet, and partly because when it comes to the Doctor he's right, if a little slow.

Matt M said...

The TARDIS towing the Earth back home was the highlight for me. Although the German-speaking Daleks were a close second.