Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Getting Lost

I suppose I could write about the boss man’s speech, but… you know the score. He’s very good at speeches, but people don’t trust him and he’s on his way out anyway.

So: the end of Lost, series 2 cranked the weirdness up a couple more notches. I’ll not spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, but we found out – or rather, we saw without understanding – what happens when the button doesn’t get pressed.

I prefer my brain’s version: several weeks ago, I had a Lost dream. I think I’d come in from the pub, watched that day’s episode and then gone to bed. In the dream, I was in charge of typing in the numbers and pushing the button. But I couldn’t get them right… the clock ticked down to zero and stopped, and there was a moment of deadly calm. Then I heard a noise behind me, and so I spun round.

It was a nerdy speccy guy from IT. He said: “You’ve crashed the server, have you?” Shaking his head, he reached round the back of the computer, and turned it off and then on again.

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