Saturday, September 30, 2006

“We’re a bit shaky and wobbly”

So says David Cameron, who – in promoting an image of himself as someone with a good image – has now become a human metaphor for political spin. He’s turning himself into a brand whose USP is that it is a brand. (Oh yes, and it happens to be the intellectual property of the Tories. But never mind about that. Look! Shiny!)

Would you buy a used party from this man?

I should say, in fairness, that the above quote is about his new ‘webcameron’ blog rather than his leadership credentials or programme for government – but to credit the man, I think it’s a soundbite with legs.

He adds: “Watch out BBC, ITV, Channel 4, we’re the new competition.”

Now, even new Labour, for all its media obsession, never actually identified itself as the media. But this raises a tricky question: if the Conservative Party is becoming a commercial media outlet to rival ITV and the rest, will it be subject to the same broadcasting regulations on political impartiality?

A most daunting thought. If that were so, then Cameron would be restricted from advocating any specific policies, and –

Oh. I see…

Shaky. Wobbly.


Liam Murray said...

Oh bury your cynicism Freemania! Yes it's hard to supress a smirk or two in the face of Webcameron but give it time.

It's a cliche I know but Cameron isn't doing anything in his revamp of the Conservatives that Blair / Campbell et al didn't do in the mid-90's with Labour. Remember the smirking media stories about Labour MP's carrying that pinnacle of new technology the pager? They were constantly contactable from Millbank.

And guess who's moving to Millbank soon...?

Tom Freeman said...

perhaps I am a cynic - but it's society's fault! hard not to be sometimes when you see stuff liek this...