Friday, September 08, 2006

Reasons to be cheerful

(1) New curbs on ‘covert selection’ in schools

The DfES is consulting on a new School Admissions Code:

“Examples of unfair practices and oversubscription criteria that the new Code will ban are:
• taking account of a parent's financial status or occupation or educational or social background;
• taking into account parents ability to financially or otherwise support the school;
• taking into account former family connections with a school.”

(2) ‘Get your bombs out of our religion’

From a new report by Chatham House:

“Al-Qaeda is facing a very serious challenge to its legitimacy and, because of its terrorist activities, is less popular than it could be in the Muslim world. Rather than increasing its support among Muslims, Al-Qaeda has witnessed increased support for moderate non-violent factions within the Islamist movement”

(3) It’s Friday

Nuff said.

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The Labour Humanist said...

Still loads of loopholes and exemptions for faith schools to carry on socially engineering their intakes....sadly.