Monday, April 19, 2010

The parties have drawn their battle-lines

I can exclusively reveal to you the key messages that the party leaders will be pushing over the next few days, in this strange new post-debate atmosphere:

Cameron: “If you vote for Nick Clegg then I might not win, and it’s MY TURN. Plus it was MY IDEA to copy Tony Blair’s style. It’s NOT FAIR.”

Brown: “I think people already accept that I have made the tough decision to be less engaging than David Cameron. But now it’s important to show that I also have the determination, strength and courage to be less engaging than Nick Clegg too.”

Clegg: “What, you mean I have to follow it up with something?”

1 comment:

ArabiaTerra said...

Bang on with Clegg.

There must have been a serious WTF? moment at Lib-Dem HQ when the polling figures were confirmed.

"My God, this is real".