Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tories tell Labour’s success stories

Two great cities that have thrived under a Labour government and Labour councils:

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, and home to 13,000 businesses, including some of Britain’s most successful firms. For example, eight of the ten largest insurance companies in the UK have an office in Glasgow, and the city is also home to leading technology, energy and creative businesses. Glasgow is the hub of an important entrepreneurial sector, which includes innovative start-ups in fields such as mobile telephony and computer games. Glasgow’s commercial strength also extends to manufacturing, and the city continues to be a global leader in hi-tech ship building.

Manchester was the epicentre of the industrial revolution, and the first industrialised city in the world. Today, the city is a national symbol of successful urban regeneration. Over the past three decades, Manchester has undergone extensive urban renewal, transforming the city’s canals, mills and warehouses into vibrant new commercial, residential, and cultural spaces – including the creation of the Imperial War Museum North. As a result of this regeneration, Manchester is one of Britain’s most dynamic cities, and has been voted amongst the best places in the country to locate a business.

At least, that’s what the Conservative Party manifesto says. So it must be true.

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Anthony Z said...

And Brighton and Hove, for that matter, which has had a minority Tory administration since 2007, but otherwise has been Labour-run since it was created.